Welkome to ETDG EricTheDutchGuy!

Hello im so glad your here, checking out my blog!
Here i write and speak about self development and
self awareness, my personal journey. I share my
views and insights in the various subjects in hopes
of adding some value to your life as well. Also i
gather information that i think might be useful for
us all from all over the web.

The subjects can vary greatly but the main ones
will be mental, physical, spiritual and emotional

The Mission

By sharing what i know and learn with you i hope in some way, shape or form, your life will be
better that before we met. More love, understanding, success, happiness. in any way possible.
by making your life a little better you will be more happy and understanding to others and spread
the happiness, and so on and on. because i really believe everyone can be truly happy and thus
a true utopia can become a reality. unicorns and rain bows will envelope the world 🙂

About Eric

Eric thinks its weird to write in the third person but still he does it because its fun.
Fun and humor have always been the common denominator in his life. Eric is a happy, positive and very energetic guy who try’s to give everyone good emotions, some times by being a strange but sexy man. He loves life and is very passionate about the well being of others.

He believes that we are all the same, Humans. We all want the same thing at the core of our being. He even believes that everybody in essence is good at the core. Eric believes you  and everybody else can become and do whatever they dare to dream about. Eric believes talent en intelligence are a miss understanding. Talent is not real and intelligence is just an indication of consciousness and consciousness  can forever be expanded.

The sentence “just be yourself” makes Eric want to cry or love, ether way there will be a blog post about this sentence. He is planning on reaching a minimal age of 150 years old but is wondering if he should maybe set his goals a little higher. Eric wishes he could free every human being from suffering, he wants everybody to know and realize it can be really easy to become happy, sometimes just by shifting your mind….more about that in the blog posts. Eric loves you, no matter who you are, what you have done or what you believe.

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